Bedouin CC finds ways and delivers fresh ideas to the market

Bedouin CC finds ways and delivers fresh ideas to the market

Former advertiser at Leo Burnett and Publicis promotes his new business with a visceral manifesto.

Bedouins are the nomad people, inhabitants of the deserted areas in the Middle East. Thanks to all the facilities that came with the digital revolution and a setback in his personal life, the Curitiba-born advertiser João F. Saddock reconsidered his professional journey and adopted a lifestyle inspired by the nomads, where autonomy and quality of life bring more than satisfaction, they deliver the best results. “That’s how the business model of Bedouin CC (short for ‘creative crowd’) was created, a hub composed by problem-solvers, a team capable of identifying the clients’ difficulties and present alternatives to solve their problems, regardless of where they are”, declares the founder. Having worked in many agencies, such as Competence, CCZ, Leo Burnett, and Publicis, Saddock has learned to work in different positions and to walk through all the steps of the processes. However, the insane work models made Saddock rethink his future. “During this time interval, I was able to learn a lot about what to do and what not to do. Bedouin is a compilation of all these things that I have absorbed”, he points out. “I want people to work with lightness and be able to, most importantly, enjoy their lives and their families, instead of being stuck in the same place. I stand up for the fact that the more culture you have access to, the more interesting your life and work will be”, he justifies. With a fresh proposal aligned to the market needs, Bedouin CC provides a rich range of services, such as crisis management, public relations, film production, identification of flaws in processes, the creation of brands and advertising campaigns, creative communication production, and much more. “To sum up, we don’t want to be labeled as an agency or a production company because such things limit our delivery capacity. We promote businesses of different sizes with unexpected and responsible deliveries, focusing on what the clients really need and not on what they think they need. Whether it’s related to the communication, a film production or issues regarding taxes, financial or human resources matters, among other possibilities, we work with creativity. Our team is highly pluralized and that’s why our focus is on solving the client’s effective problem and not just imposing on them something that will only solve our share of the issue”, he states. In almost two years of offline work, Bedouin identified solutions for SafeCap (Brazilian Packaging Company), Monster PRO 3D Filaments (a filament industry for 3D printing), XP Investimentos, Quantick (a new technology company), and the singer-songwriter Julian Campos, from São Paulo, to whom Saddock developed the script and directed the music video of the hit “Qual será o nome dela?” (I wonder what her name is). “I’ve worked in the show business before and that’s why I can see Julian is a great artist. In order to assist him, we created a lean working team and shot 106 scenes, including 9 locations, 5 pre-production days and 2 full filming days”, he explains. “We’re looking for a music producer, an investor, so he can become the artist he deserves to be. It’s a matter of opportunity. Success depends on sponsors, record labels, record deals, and other artists”, he reinforces. Since the partnership between Bedouin and Julian Campos stared, all the tracks of the artist’s EP were incorporated in the main streaming services.

Check out the full Bedouin CC Manifesto:

On TV commercials, all we see are happy people.
Families experiencing unique moments, friends having fun, couples in touch with nature.
Everyone living their day as if it was the last.
You know what’s funny about it?
Part of the people behind these campaigns have nothing to do with them.
They spend more time working than living.
Moreover, they work on weekends, nights, and holidays.
So, when customers doubt the advertisements, they are somewhat right.
The products announced, oftentimes, don’t fulfill their promises,
but the advertising industry, most of the times, don’t follow the values they promote.
If we are saying this, you might as well believe it.
Until not so long ago, we were those people.
We created Bedouin CC because we were tired of working like this.
And tired people can do tired jobs.
After all, how can we expect fresh ideas from people that don’t even have time to breathe?
At Bedouin CC, people also work on weekends, at night or during holidays. But only if these are the best times for them to work.
Besides the working hours, our team can choose where they want to work from.
At the beach, in the countryside or even at home, holding a kid in their arms.
Whatever is best for them, is best for us.
We know that the life quality of the people who work with us is directly related to the quality of the work we deliver.
Bedouin CC has no fixed team.
We work with a network of talents from many different areas and we contact them according to the profile of each job.
We have professionals in the areas of creation, planning, branding, social media, design, architecture, economics and whatever else our clients may need.
That is because even though we started talking about advertising, what we do goes way beyond that.
We are a problem-solving business.
If you have a communication problem, we will be pleased to create a campaign.
But, if we identify another shortfall in your product or service, for instance, we will roll up our sleeves and solve it.
Although, whoever is working on your job could easily be at the beach, with no shirt at all.

Photo: Rodolpho Pajuaba

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