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It is with great satisfaction and joy that we share the first video clip of Julian Campos, produced by BedouinCC!

Wrote and directed by João F. Saddock, the hit ‘Qual Será O Nome Dela?’ (”
What the hell is her name?”) was produced with a lot of passion. Saddock says: “I’ve worked in show business so I recognize Julian as a great artist. To serve him we created a small work team and shoot 106 scenes, including 9 locations in 5 days of pre-production and 2 days of shooting, “. “In parallel we are looking for a music producer, an investor so that he becomes the artist he deserves to be. It’s a matter of opportunity. Success depends on godfathers, labels and other artists” he adds. Since the partnership between Bedouin and Julian Campos has started, all tracks of the artist’s EP were assimilated by the major streaming services.

When work is mixed with pleasure, the result is this!


Artist: Julian Campos
Mucis: Qual Será o Nome Dela
Author: Julian Campos
Music Production: Sirius Music e Julian Campos
Co-Music Production: Yuri Bertozzi
Record: Sirius Music
Distribution: Tratore
Director: João F. Saddock
Photography by Matheus Pinheiro
Production: Bedouin Creative Crowd
Executive Production: João F. Saddock
Edit: Matheus Pinheiro
Color Grading: Matheus Pinheiro
Model: Nayara Lauren
Photo Assist: Flavio Sganzerla
Production Assist: Yuri Bertozzi e Vinicius Rossi
Costume Designer: MAC Estúdio!
Costume Designer Nayara: Yasmine Borba
Costume Nayara: Dona Vintage Shop
VFX: Gustavo Almeida GGA
Audio: Sirius Music

Martina Bueno Arruda
Felipe Freitas
Fernando Freitas
Marquinhos Cherevek
Yasmine Borba
Leonardo Russo


Qual Será o Nome Dela
Julian Campos

Os olhos dela ainda brilham

Mesmo antes do sol chegar

E o mundo em torno dela gira

Acho que estou fora de ar

Qual será o nome dela

Pois tão bela sempre está

Qual será o nome dela

Seu jeito simples de menina

Mas por trás de uma mulher está

Queria ao menos por um dia

Saber como ela está

Qual será o nome dela

Pois tão bela sempre está

Qual será o nome dela

Foi te amando aos poucos

E entregando os pontos

Descobri que a vida

Foi feita para te ver


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