Bedouin CC creates a visual identity for a new brand of 3D filaments.

The Brazilian brand-new 3D professional filament, the most advanced and technological so far, has had its brand identity developed by the hub Bedouin CC since its name conception, brand positioning, and brand design, to packages. Check the Concept Movie below:

Monster aims to deliver a perfect material for both detailed, high-quality prints, and regular daily prints. The filaments by Monster have an exceptional resistance and lifespan and are capable of producing high volume pieces with amazing colors, generating infinite possibilities for scale models, prototypes, and customized accessories with a monstrous quality and whatever else your imagination creates.

“Working with a client that is obsessed by quality, whether it is about their product or their brand, has led us to strengthen ourselves to believe in this new market that Bedouin is working on. Undoubtedly, to be part of this project since its conception is something truly rewarding to all of us.”, declares João F. Saddock, founding partner of the hub.

Constant innovation, state-of-the-art technology, strict quality control and exceptional care in everything it does. Customers know what we are talking about when they open the box. Monster is 100% Brazilian and 100% committed to international standards of excellence, not to mention it is the first company to produce ASA filaments in Brazil, 100% Monster technology.

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