SafeCap® was our firstborn, even before we earned the nickname Bedouins.

Our initial challenge was the redesign of the brand, website and stationery, but we ended up making a new positioning, mapping the target audience and points of contact of the brand, slogan, graphic materials and possible communication strategies to support the sales team.

SafeCap® is a complement that reinvents the way you pack and consume soft drinks for example, serving as both a protective barrier (more hygiene) and a powerful marketing tool.

In addition Bedouin CC created and produced this demo animation, making it easier for the industry to understand its possibilities of use.


Client: Companhia Brasileira de Embalagens
Product: SafeCap
HUB: BedouinCC
Planner: João F. Saddock
Creatives: João F. Saddock, Giancarlo Zilli e Denilson Pucci
Copywriting: Giancarlo Zilli e João F. Saddock
Art Director: Denilson Pucci
Script: Giancarlo Zilli e João F. Saddock
VFX: Junior Engel
Sound: Hefty
V.O.: Edu Luke
WebSite: Silvano Gurski

Advertising / Media / Research / Movie / Productive
/ Press / Design / WELoveProblems / Brand


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